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            Microsoft® Office 365

            Two licenses of Office 365 Essentials are included with your Business Internet service. Need more than two? Additional licenses and upgrades are available.

            Online File Sharing

            Egnyte Connect

            Prices start as low as

            per user*

            *For 3-10 users, 200 GB per domain with amax file size of 5GB

            Egnyte ConnectSM Sync and Share

            Business files are valuable assets that must be readily available, yet protected. Egnyte ConnectSM offers continuous file backup and online file storage while providing simple file sharing and mobile access to files, virtually anywhere, anytime.


            Secure Online Backup

            Secure Online

            Prices start at

            per device
            per month*

            Secure Online Backup

            Get 20GB included with your Internet purchase. Need more than 20GB data backup? Keep business data secure with additional automated data backup.

            More Security Solutions
            Site Lock
            Protect your website against hackers, malware, SQL injections, cross site scripting and viruses.
            Protect your desktop, laptop, servers, usb devices, and email.
            Intel Security
            Protect your web browser.

            Website Management

            Site Builder

            Prices start at

            per domain
            per month*


            Your first five pages are included with an Internet order. Need more? SiteBuilder includes easy to use templates to help you create a professional online presence.

            More Website Management Solutions
            Go Mobi
            Make your website
            Pinnacle Cart
            Build an online store.

            Call 877-908-9657

            A representative will help you find the best solution for your business.

            *See Details

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